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psa_pt_imgMedium and Small Scale Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Platform

Up to now technical and economical reasons are in favour of large concentrated solar thermal power plants starting from an rated electrical power of 10 MWel and more. Projects with smaller and medium size power however could have advantages because of flexibility and financing options. Also the potential benefits of combined heat, cooling and power could be utilized if smaller power stations and load demands match. Therefore the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) is financing a study exploring the factors and technologies, which could pave the way to a economical development also for Medium and Small Size Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (MSS-CSP) plants from about 10 kWel up to 10 MWel.

The MSS-CSP-Platform is providing information on candidate technologies and products, and provides a possibility to present and exchange information in this fast developing field. The aim is to provide a network for possible players and to investigate and develop markets for new products and concepts.