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Alanod Aluminium Veredlung GmbH & Co. KG

Alanod Aluminium Veredlung GmbH&Co KG
Egerstrasse 12
58256 Ennepetal

Stefan Braendle
Consulting Director Solar Applications
+49 2333 986 765

Main field of activities:
Alanod is a coating company and delivers various either high absorbtive or high reflective material qualitites to the solar industry.

Description of products and services related to Solar Thermal Power:
MIRO-SUN® is our quality for high end outdoor mirrors used in CPC- and Parabolic Trough Applications. Its high reflectance together with a unbeaten outdoor durability and high abrasion resistance makes it the favourite product for any solar concentrating application where curved or bended mirros are used.

Realized projects and references:

Most of the current players with medium and small concentrated solar thermal applications are using MIRO-SUN® for their primary or secondary mirrors.