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Emil-Figge Str. 76
44227 Dortmund


Klaus-Peter Priebe
Managing director
+49 02319742865
+49 2319742868

Main field of activities:

Our firm, the LTi ADATURB Ltd, is specialised in the development of ORC-systems. These systems use exhaust and motor heat of cogeneration units to generate electrical power.
While large ORC-systems in the range of performance of several MW run successfully since a long time, we develop small ORC-systems to give operating authorities of small power generation plants the chance to make their installation much more profitable.

Description of products and services related to Solar Thermal Power:
Our ORC-systems offer the possibility to extract from one exhaust gas heat of for example 175 or 350 kW once again 30 respectively 60 kW net for the additional power generation.
Furthermore we work on the development of an all-in-one power station for energy supply in rural regions.

Realized projects and references:
In the middle of august, our first pilot installation, located in Wildshausen (near Arnsberg) will be put into operation. This TG 30 ORC-system is connected to a cogeneration unit, which receives its combustible from the process of wood gasification.
The cogeneration unit has an electrical performance of 247 kW. The turbo-generator of the TG 30 is expected to generate further 40 kW.
Dates for visiting our pilot installation are possible from the end of august on. Besides the TG 30 the LTi ADATURB Ltd offers a TG 60 with a power generation of 60 kW.  
The series production of our ORC-systems is planned for the beginning of 2009.