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Solarlite GmbH

Solarlite GmbH
Schloss Duckwitz
17179 Duckwitz    

Martin Schuemers
Sales Engineer
+49 39972 5697-13
+49 39972 5697-10

Main field of activities:
Solarlite produces light weight parabolic troughs and manages its projects from conception, planning and partly fabrication up to installation, commissioning and handover of the turnkey plant.

Description of products and services related to Solar Thermal Power:
The technology of Solarlite parabolic troughs is based on the concept of Concentrated Solar Power. The Solarlite parabolic troughs produce steam with temperatures of up to 400 ° C. The collector is made out of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) which leads to a very lightweight design of the entire power plant.

Realized projects and references:
Woltow, Germany: A solar parabolic trough system that is combined with a straw steam boiler provides a breeding fish farm (African catfish) with heat for the fish tank. Moreover, electricity is produced by a steam using special turbine.

Chonburi, Thailand: The power plant combined with a biomass boiler at Chonburi provides an industrial plant with electrical and thermal energy. It also serves as a demonstration plant and is used for research purposes.

For more information and upcoming projects please visit our website.

Parabolic power plant in Woltow
Parabolic power plant in Woltow