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Solem Consulting

Solem Consulting
Postfach 2127
71370 Weinstadt

Dr. Paul Kohlenbach

Main field of activities:
International consultants for Solar thermal process heat, solar cooling and thermally driven chillers

Description of products and services related to Solar Thermal Power:

  • System design
  • System control strategies
  • Performance simulations
  • System optimization
  • Feasibility studies of planned systems
  • Global market analyses
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Monitoring concepts
  • Industry specific solutions


Realized projects and references:

  • RENAC (2010) - Seminar in Abu Dhabi on solar cooling and solar thermal process heat
  • Chromasun Inc. (2010) - System design for solar cooling system in Abu Dhabi (184m2 concentrating collectors, 73 kW DE chiller)
  • Solera Sunpower (2010) - Feasibility study on solar process heat for paper factory, Mexico (parabolic trough collector field 33,100m2)
  • NEP Solar Pty Ltd (2009) - Engineering for 400m2 parabolic trough collector field
  • NEP Solar Pty Ltd (2009) - Detailed design of hydraulic end connections for parabolic trough receiver