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52072 Aachen    

Mr Peter Keuter
Deputy Manager, Sales
+49 (0)241 980906-0
+49 (0)241 980906-30

Main field of activities:
SOLITEM designs, manufactures and installs solar-powered energy savings systems for cooling, steam generation, heating and warm water supply with its own developed Parabolic Trough Collectors (PTC) for commercial applications, like hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, production & service facilities, office buildings and more. Each application comes with an assessment of its utilized energy savings potential and the reduction of CO₂ emission.

Description of products and services related to Solar Thermal Power:
The high-performance and high-precision PTC’s operate at a temperature range of 180ºC to 250ºC utilizing significantly more cooling energy output than traditional collectors at a given solar irradiation. With a single platform, multiple applications like cooling, steam processing and heating can be applied or differently be used during winter or summer seasons.

The automated tracking system captures the highest possible solar yield at any time contributing to the maximum savings potential for clients. Through its light-weighted and robust design, the PTC’s can be both securely mounted on the ground or on the top of a roof.

A tariff-dependant monitoring allows the reduction of high-priced conventional fuel sourcing to be exchanged with the free-of-charge available solar energy.  
The SOLITEM system will be installed onsite and cooperating with the conventional system by offering the most valuable energy savings year around.

Realized projects and references:
The first SOLITEM pilot project was installed in 2003 at Iberotel Sarigerme Park, a TUI group hotel & resort in Southern Turkey. The system supplies solar cooling, solar pool and space heating as well as solar-powered steam generation for the hotel laundry.

At Gebze High-Technology Institute near Istanbul, SOLITEM installed a solar energy system providing the renowned research institution with solar cooling for air-conditioning.

The latest project is under construction at the new Metro Cash & Carry wholesale market in Antalya/Turkey. The system features the light-weighted and roof-mountable SOLITEM PTC’s to be installed on the parking deck. It’s worldwide the first supermarket supplying solar cooling and solar heating.