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Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH

Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH
Großer Burstah 31
20457 Hamburg

Rüdiger Wolf
Managing Director
+49 40 80 90 63 302
+49 941 599 299 021

Main field of activities:
Sustainable Heat & Power Europe GmbH is a company offering consulting, engineering and management services and hardware supplies for renewable energy and emission reduction projects.

Description of products and services related to Solar Thermal Power:

SHP Europe GmbH has developed the so called Mini Solar Thermal Power Plant ("MSTPP") concept.
These plants aim at highest total energy utilization efficiencies in decentral applications. They are deemed to make use of the advantages of a solar thermal process: the possibility to utilize the residual heat after the electricity generation process to fire process heat or steam applications such as absorption chilling or water desalination.

SHP Europe is offering :

  • pre-feasibility studies
  • design, supply and installation of solar measurement stations, evaluation of collected data and correlation with other data sources
  • issue of emission trading documents (PIN/PDD)for projects under the CDM schedule, approval management (validation/verification process) and certificate trade support (sales coordination)
  • support in authority approval process
  • conceptual engineering, drafting of purchase specifications, procurement support
  • project execution management

Realized projects and references:
Pre-Feasibility Study for a small solar thermal power plant in Rajasthan / India based on the Solar Heat and Power Pty. Ltd. (now Ausra) collector.

Conceptual design of an add-on solar field to the coal-fired station Sines of the Portuguese utility EdP

Pre-Feasbility Study for two solar thermal co-generation plants in Chile, one of it operationg off-grid for the supply of a remote mining site.

Management of the authorisation process (PDD, validation, verification) for emission certificates from various biogas plants.

Project management services for the offer preparation for a large combined cycle co-generation plant.

Supply and installation of various wind and solar measurement stations in Chile.