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ReceivertestAims of the MSS-CSP Platform

  • Strengthen the awareness of the huge potential of concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) in contributing to a sustainable energy infrastructure
  • Increase R&D activities in the CSP sector also for small and medium size application
  • Accelerate the development of small and medium size CSP
  • Dissemination of new ideas and initiatives supporting the development of CSP in small and medium size application


Objectives of the MSS-CSP Platform

  • Enhance the cooperation and communication of companies and research institutes
  • Identify and communicate import results and concepts for small and medium size CSP
  • Identify non-technological framework conditions to facilitate a broad market introduction



Within the German project MEDIFRES two workshops on small and medium size concentrating solarthermal power will be organized by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems. The internet platform was established to present results from the workshops, present interested companies and research institutes working in this field. Other related documents and studies can be incorporated. For presentation of their own profiles and activities the partners of the platform may apply to use a individual page in the sections "solar collectors", "power generation" and "combined heat, cooling and power".